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Flying with a paraglider strongly depends on the meteorological conditions.

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If you would like to surprise someone with a gift flight, it is necessary to register the date of the flight. If, because of the weather, it is impossible to fly, then your voucher will be valid for one year from the registered date.

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Подари ваучер за полет с парапланер

За да направите екстремен подарък - полет с парапланер, управляван от пилот-инструктор, продължете към формата за закупуване на ваучер за тандемен полет

Tandem flights with a paraglider pilot in Bulgaria Tandem flight with a paraglider

Flying a paraglider is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to experience the freedom of the birds. Being taken on a tandem by an experienced pilot - instructor is one of the most accessible ways to do it. The few requirements for the passenger are: enthusiasm and comfortable hiking boots. The rest will be taken care of by your personal pilot :) If you want to fly call +359 894 349 854 for more information.

Paragliding Courses Paragliding course

Each of the three levels we offer is consistent with the requirements and scoring system of FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) for Para Pro licenses. Within the frame of FAI's scoring system, each competency is graded. Provided that the student has sufficient score making him/her eligible for a ParaPro license, we can apply for it and have it issued* by the Bulgarian National Airsports Association (member of FAI).

Calendar 2023 of paragliding courses organized by Sky camp paragliding Курс летене с парапланер

Sky camp paragliding in 2023 will hold Paragliding courses in Sopot, Bulgaria and in Oludeniz, Turkey

S.I.V. & acro course, Ochrid Lake

June 17 - 30 2021, Ljubanista, North Macedonia

Calendar 2021 for paragliding courses organized by Sky Camp paragliging Paragliding course

Sky Camp paragliding will organize paragliding courses in 3 locations - Sofia, Sopot and Ohrid lake

Закупуване на ваучери за тандемни полети с парапланер ваучер

Ваучерът за тандемен полет е Вашият билет за полет с парапланер, управляван от пилот-инструктор

"Flying dogs" the movie

A tandem flight present for a dogs' birthday

Tandem flights with pilot and a paraglider, paragliding courses, flying equipment (glider, harness, resque, variometer, helmet) - Sky camp paragliding club, A free flight "Vazduharia" festival organizer